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Fine Model Warships For Collectors & Wargamers

Presented here are scale 1:1200 (1”=100’) & 1:1250 (1”=104’) miniature metal waterline models of the warships of the world’s navies of WWI, WWII and modern day.
All are precision metal castings, finely and accurately detailed down to 20mm & 40mm mounts, deck hatching, cranes, catapults, etc. These are improved versions of the models use for recognition training of lookouts & pilots in WWII. You can view all of our lines here.
  • The 1:1250 scale models, Neptun (WWII), Navis (WWI), Saratoga (Misc.) Argos (Modern)) come to you completely assembled and beautifully hand-painted and are acknowledged to be the finest made.
  • The 1:1200 scale models Superior (WWI, WWII), have excellent detail, come in kit form and are more durable and offer a lower price alternative.
If you have an interest in the sea and the operational and design histories of the great ships and their weaponry of the 20th & 21st centuries, then you’ll want to get started on your fleet right away whether your objective is collecting or being a wargame admiral.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1:1200 is the “Recognition” scale of 1” = 100’ that was used by the USN in WWII for pilot and lookout recognition training. This means that for an actual ship 800” long, the model of it will be 8” long. Models made in Europe use the metric scale which is 1:1250 or 1” = 104’.
It means that the model sits on a flat surface and looks as the real ship would look sitting in the water.
Fine pewter; Pewter is 90% plus tin with a trace of other metals to make it flow more fluidly in the casting process. It is sturdy yet soft enough to be bent (straightening gun barrels, etc.).
Unlike plastic kits, the hull and superstructure are mostly one-piece castings. Turrets, catapults, cranes and masts (in some ships) come separately for capital ships. “Crazy” glue is fine for cementing parts to the hull. Note that assembly directions are not included as it is generally obvious where parts go. For further info, check photos on our website or Google the particular ship on which you are working.
There is a whole section on our website dealing with model finishing. Basically, you’ll need a needle file and an X-acto-type knife to remove “flash” and minor burring from the castings and a drill (Hand or better yet, a Dremel tool) to bore holes where indicated for turret stalks.
Here’s where the Alnavco guarantee kicks in. If you damage a hull and can’t repair it, return the hull and we will replace it free of charge. If you damage a part, just let us know what it is and we will send it to you again, free of charge.
Go to This is the Snyder & Short site. You will find there specially mixed historically accurate naval paints plus a wealth of camouflage information on all WWII & WWI navies.
Other sources: (WWII Japanese fleet), (WWII German Navy)
There sure are! You will be able to fill your CV decks with the same scale aircraft that actually flew from the real ships, floatplanes for the catapults on your battleships and cruisers too! Visit our Cap Aero page for a huge selection of unpainted castings of naval aircraft or download our 1:1200 catalogue.
It’s probably obvious but the internet is the best. Wikipedia is an outstanding source

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Yes, we do! If you aren’t completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return it within 10 days of receipt for a full refund or a credit. Visit our Alnavco Guarantee page to learn more.


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