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Navis/Neptun 1:1250 scale model aircraft carrier


Below are all the lines of scale model warships we are proud to carry. Among these lines you will find models of virtually every ship that participated in WWI & WWII.

This a celebrated and highly collectible line of waterline precision metal castings of most of the ships that fought in WWII. They are made of fine American pewter and come to you in kit form. The scale is 1”=100.”

These are incredibly beautiful, minutely and accurately detailed models. They come to you completely assembled and hand-painted in battleship gray. This line is considered by many to be the best of its kind in the world.

This is an excellent line of waterline models that come to you completely finished and painted. These models are made by Paul Jacobs and manufactured by Navis/Neptun. Note the WWII auxiliaries.

Also referred to as “The Fleet That Never Was,” these are models of ships that were planned by various navies in the WWI & WWII eras but which never got off the drawing board.

Superior’s line of World War 1 warships. This line has it roots in the Authenticast/Comet models that were used in World War II for the recognition training of lookouts and pilots

Navis is Navis Neptune’s line of WW I warships (Neptun = WWII, Navis = WWI). They come to you in factory-sealed boxes, completely assembled and hand-painted in authentic colors.

Superior presents 1:1200 models of the BB’s of The Great White Fleet, a fleet of 16 battleships sent around the world on a “good will” tour by President Theodore Roosevelt.

Argos is a line of finely detailed and true-to-the-prototype 1:1250 waterline models of ships of the modern American Navy. They come completely assembled and hand-painted.