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USS New Jersey Battleship

1:1200 Scale warships welcomed aboard the USS new jersey

Our esteemed colleague Wayne Smith recently donated his extensive collection of over 300 Superior/Alnavco ship models to the Battleship USS NEW JERSEY (BB-62), the renowned “Museum” ship moored in the Delaware River in Camden, N.J. These extraordinary models will find a new home aboard the ship, where they will be showcased in captivating displays and dioramas.

Just one of many "drawers" full of 1:1200 warships that Wayne Smith donated to the USS New Jersey. Click image for a closer look.

To commemorate this significant event, Ryan Szimanski, Director of Education and Cultural Affairs aboard the USS NEW JERSEY, created a compelling video which not only showcases Wayne’s remarkable collection but also provides a comprehensive overview of the fascinating world of 1:1200 model ships.

Mr. Szimanski explores their historical development as recognition training models during World War II, highlighting their crucial role in training pilots, lookouts, and other naval personnel. He also sheds light on the enduring appeal of these models as cherished collectibles for naval history enthusiasts and wargamers today.

Click below to see the video. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or are just starting to find your sea legs in the hobby, you’re in for a treat.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Wayne Smith for his dedication to naval history and his invaluable contribution to the Battleship USS NEW JERSEY (and Alnavco!). Together, we honor the legacy of these remarkable ship models and ensure their enduring significance for generations to come.

Note: You can see more images of Wayne’s collection on our Super Collections page.