• World War II

    Superior 1:1200

    Neptun 1:1250

    Saratoga 1:1250

    Special Editions and Series from Navis/Neptun

  • WW I

    Navis 1:1250

    Superior 1:1200

  • Modern Era

    Argos and Mountford 1:1250

  • Ideal for wargaming and collecting, 1:1200 (1"=100') exact scale waterline ship models are vastly improved version of those used by the U.S. Navy for recognition training during WWII. These are precision metal castings that are accurately and minutely detailed right down to 20mm & 40mm mounts, cranes, catapults, anchor chain, deck hatching, etc. Most trained on a target for wargaming purposes. The assembly required in putting a kit together is some minor filling, dropping turret stalks thru the deck and crimping, epoxying on cranes, catapults and painting.

    Unless otherwise indicated, all ships appear as they did at some time during World War II. Note, however that much modifying was done during the War. Note also that many of these models represent classes of ships (i.e., IOWA represents IOWA, MISSOURI, NEW JERSEY & WISCONSIN). Many collectors will have four models of IOWA, one to represent each ship and will make the small modifications (in other cases, major) to faithfully portray each. This is called "converting" and adds an exciting new dimension to the hobby.

    For those with limited space, the 1:2400 scale ships (1"=200') are ideal. If you are interested in the ultimate in miniature ships, then the 1:1250 scale Navis/Neptun models are for you. These are completely assembled and hand-painted.

    So, if you have any interest in the sea, the sleek ships and great guns that made history in World War II, then you'll want to get started on your fleet now whether your objective is collecting or being a wargame admiral.

    A word about model size: The scales mentioned above are 1:1200 (1"=100') and1:2400 (1"=200'). To give you an example of the size of a particular model in both scales, the model of a battleship which was 800' long would be 8" long in 1:1200 scale and 4" long on 1:2400 scale.

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