About Alnavco

Alnavco has been serving armour and naval model collectors and wargamers since 1965 under the same management. We are proud of the reputation we've established for fair and honest dealings with our customers. This is undoubtedly the reason that so much of our business is repeat business. Any comments you have about our products or service, pro or con, should be directed to Pete Paschall.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee your satisfaction on any purchase you make from us. If you are unhappy with any item you have ordered from us, you may return it within ten days of receipt for a refund or a credit toward another purchase. The item must be returned the way it was received in its original box (blister packs may not have been opened) suitable for resale.

The Way it is...

Some of the manufacturers whose lines we carry are unable to keep us supplied with everything they make all of the time. Because of this, it is always a good idea to name alternate choices whenever you can. You will get your first choice(s) most of the time.

Is This a Record?

Speaking of repeat business, we think we might hold the record for the number of times that one individual has ordered from ANY mail order company. Thomas Mayerle of Lake Jackson, Texas has ordered from us over 500 times and that number is still growing! John Gruenfelder of Laramie, Wyoming is headed for 400! We have customer from whom we haven't heard in as much as 20 years come back to us. Certainly signs of satisfied customers.

Send or Call Orders to:

Phone: 1-757-442-2323
Fax: 1-757-442-4343
Email: alnavco@esva.net