Longtime Alnavco customer Jon Sumida has provide us with
some photos and  techniques for WWI ship modifications.
Jon is a published author and professor of
history at the University of Maryland.


          Jon's words about the modifications: 

                  The major modification project was Orion out of KGV (they are in the
                  2nd BS 2nd division).  The KGV had to be cut in half and shortened
                  amidships and at the stern.  The superstructure was built up from
                  wire, scrap, plastic rod, brass tubing slices, and card--note
                  especially the screens around the boat well.  Considerable work was
                  also required to make the Hercules out of Neptune, and modifying
                  Neptune to be Neptune was also non-trivial.

                  But arguably the most arduous project was making the Lions work.  For
                  this I had to make new funnels out of aluminum tubing, modify the
                  superstructure with plastic scrap and card, and most difficult of
                  all, hollow out the boat well.
                  The ships were painted to match the home fleet dark gray of the Home
                  Fleet in 1914.  This gives the ships a very different demeanor than
                  the medium gray of the war after the fall of 1914.

                  In general, I found replacing the cast masts with wire and cleaning
                  up the molding flaws resulted in very convincing representations.

                  For your information, I am publishing a  long article on British
                  naval tactics from 1914 to 1916 in the upcoming Naval War College
                  Review (Summer 2007).  This is a refinement of arguments published in
                  the 2003 Journal of Military History "A Matter of Timing: The Royal
                  Navy and the Tactics of Decisive Battle, 1912-1916."

                  Yours sincerely,
                  Jon Sumida


A few photographs of Jon Sumida's work:
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