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Neptun 1:1250 scale 1300A USS MISSOURI (BB-63), U.S. WWII IOWA class battleship (8" L), available finished as pictured

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Neptun 1:1250 scale 1314A USS ENTERPRISE (CV-6), U.S. WWII carrier (8" L), the most famous U.S. WWII carrier, available finished as pictured

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Superior 1:1200 G105 H44 German giant proposed battleship (11" L); G101 BISMARCK, German WWII battleship (8"L); Both available in kit form; Large range of "never-were" warship models available

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Neptun 1:1250 scale HMS KING GEORGE V, British WWII battleship (7"L) in camouflage rig; Available finished; Base and antennae not included (Modeler used sewing thread)

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Superior 1:1200 Japanese WWII battleship YAMATO (9"L), the biggest battleship ever built; Available in kit form; Paint job by Bob Weymouth

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U.S. WWII Seaplane Tenders; Saratoga's 1:1250 scale USS CURTISS (AV- 4) (Front) and Neptun's 1:1250 scale 1396 USS CURRITUCK (AV-7); Both companies make a large selection of auxiliaries (Tenders, transports, oilers, ammunition ships, tugs, etc.) as well as amphibious craft. All available finished.

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Superior's 1:1200 models of the U.S. WWII fleet carrier classes A506 USS ESSEX (CV-9), A504 USS ENTERPRISE (CV-6), A514 USS SARATOGA (CV-3); All about 8"L); 1:1200 aircraft by Cap Aero; Available in kit form; Diorama by Bob Weymout

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Mountford's 1:1250 scale MM200P USS RONALD REAGAN (CVN-76), U.S. modern NIMITZ class carrier (11"L); Available in finished or kit form; 1:1250 aircraft & deck handling equipment available separately; Many modern ships available from Montford & Argos in 1:1250 scale; From GHQ in 1:2400 scale

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